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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

An anfis powered integrated system for Continuous power for a domestic load by Harnessing maximum energy from the solar and Wind source



This paper intends in developing an integrated system to give energy for a domestic load continuously by extracting maximum energy from the renewable sources like wind and solar. This system can be designed according to the size of the domestic loads and the availability of the renewable sources. The applications of soft switching techniques like ANFIS in power semiconductor devices enable us to maximize the extraction of energy from the renewable sources. The system can be energized by the integrated power of solar and wind power or grid power .The difficulties related to the integration of renewable energy or grid energy with the domestic load are investigated by a simulation model of the entire system. The main focuses of this investigation on this work are in the extraction of maximum power from the solar and wind sources and make them to use for the domestic purposes and thereby reducing the utilization of power from the grid which are generally being powered by the non renewable sources.

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