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74V high figure-of-merit lateral trench Gate power mosfet on ingaas



In this paper, a power lateral trench-gate metal oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (MOSFET) on InGaAs is proposed. The device consists of two gates placed vertically in separate trenches built in the drift region on both sides of P body region. Under ON-state, two channels are created in P-body which carry current simultaneously to enhance performance of the device. The trench structure of the proposed device causes reduced-surface-field effect in the drift region to improved breakdown voltage. The device design also provides a reduction in cell pitch and higher drift region doping to decrease the on-resistance. Two-dimensional numerical simulations are performed to analyze and compare the performance of proposed device with that of the conventional MOSFET. The proposed MOSFET structure gives 80% higher breakdown voltage, 17% lower specific on-resistance, 25% reduction in cell pitch and 3.8 times improvement in figure-of-merit over the conventional device.

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