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The effect of mgcl2 and nacl salts in concrete



In this study, the effect of NaCl and MgCl2 salts in lightweight concrete (LWC) with raw perlite aggregate was investigated. For this purpose, a total of 360 concrete samples with Ø100/200 mm cylindrical shape were produced. In concrete mixture, the micro silica fume (MCF) and fly ash (FA) were replaced with cement at the rate of 10% and 20% of its weight in 90 samples for each, respectively. The obtained concrete samples were subjected to Sodium Chloride and Magnesium Chloride solutions at the rate of 3.5% and 5.0% further in mixtures of these at the rate of 1.75%+1.75% for 28, 90, 56 days. But firstly, the standard water curing was applied to samples for 28 days. The compressive strength, unit weight and ultrasonic pulse velocity (UPV) standard tests were made on three each sample to investigate effect of these salts in lightweight concrete and average results obtained from tests were given in this paper. The obtained results showed that; the effect of MgCl2 solutions on samples with additives of 10% MCF and 20% FA was fewer compared to standard samples. Besides, NaCl solution and the mixture of these two salts had little effect on LWC. On the other hand, the more MgCl2 solution penetrated into the concrete; because of the specimens with 20% fly ash can absorb more water. As a result, in MgCl2 solution for 90 days, the standard samples were most affected; meanwhile the samples with 20% fly ash and the samples with %10 micro silica fume were affected the least, respectively.

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