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Effect of sky view factor and wind direction on Surface temperatures in urban areas



Sky view factor (SVF) is an important parameter which is being used to define the urban density in urban areas. In this study we investigated the correlation between SVF and surface temparatures of building facades’. For this purpose we implemented an application study on some specific points which exist on Gazi Street in Elazig on east side of Turkey and some branch streets connected to Gazi which have a remarkable structural density. In the study first we calculated SVF values of 2 points on Gazi Street which is east-west oriented 4 points on branch streets connecting to Gazi. Then we measured surface temperatures of building façades for choosen points for the hours between 8:00 am-16:00 pm. Rayman 1.2 program and fisheye photos were used to calculate SVF values. Surface temperatures were measured by infrared thermography method. Calculated SVF values for the two points on Gazi Street are 0.561 and 0.574 while the SVF values for branch streets ranges from 0.287 to 0.574. Higher surface temperatures measured on the points on branch streets. The results are evaluated by the wind velocity and direction which are taken from Government Meteorological Office.

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