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An effective model for e-governance using cloud computing- (egaas) e-governance as a service



The objective of this paper is utilize the cloud computing using the e-Governance and discuss effective use of e-Governance with the help of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). e- Governance helps to the all government department move to cloud using e-governance based cloud. e- Governance is the application of ICT (Information and Communication Technology). e-Governance provide faster way to communicate all government department through the cloud. cloud is the best way to integrate the all department using the e-Governance. e-Governance is the services provided by the government to the citizens that improve the service delivery and save the time. In this paper we discuss a delivery model that integrate the cloud computing facility with the help of e-Governance. There are many e-Governance applications use in cloud. In this paper we integrate all services of e-Governance through the cloud and propose a model for e-Governance application that is use in cloud.

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