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Need For Standardisation Of Sign Language And The Use Of E-Learning Tools For Deaf Education



In this paper, we have tried to highlight the importance of sign languages with the need for a global sign language and the use of e-learning tools for deaf education. While spoken languages are accorded respect and recognized all over the world, there is a lot of stigma associated with sign languages. This stigma towards sign language in our country has become an impediment for the education of the deaf children as parents and schools tend to avoid teaching sign language to them and focus more on other methods such as oralism or lip reading. Even the schools which offer courses in Indian Sign Language face challenges such as regional variations of Indian Sign Language. This paper reckons that the non-standardization of one particular Sign Language in our country has exacerbated the state of education of the deaf. Another major problem associated with the hearing impaired community of our country which has been acknowledged in this paper is their isolation from the deaf community of the rest of the world. A possible solution for these problems can be the standardization of one particular sign language for the entire country. Adaptation of International Sign Language can be a great step towards narrowing the communication gap between the deaf communities across the world. We further focus on the use of new evolving e-learning technology for the deaf education using a standard sign language

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