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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

Design and evaluation of bandwidthperformance in a cooperate Network

Author(s) : S. K. SINGH


In this work we developed a corporate network consists of two separate building with four departments on different virtual local area network (VLAN) for the security purpose. We achieved this design using OPNET technology which really helped us to revealed the traffic characteristics of network just like in a real life network, the central idea of this was focused on the choice of likely bandwidth suitable for a corporate network design, this work categorically suggested that larger bandwidth is more preferable which is capable of handling large traffic volume of traffic compared to the narrow bandwidth which usually suffers from bottle neck that limits the number of the throughput at the destination.

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Page(s) : 89 - 93
Electronic ISSN : 2250 - 3757
Volume 4 : Issue 3
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