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Mobile Voting Prototype to Promote the Participation of All Students in Selecting Their Representatives: Iraqi Universities as a Case Study



The term “mobile voting” (M-Voting) refers to the use of mobile devices and tablets to cast votes in an election. M-Voting aims to increase participation in elections, lower the costs of running elections, and improve the accuracy of the results. Unlike any other event, voting is an essential component of modern communities. The number of students and departments in Iraqi universities has dramatically increased. Consequently, universities face great difficulty in the election of student representatives. This difficulty is mainly due to the use of traditional methods of election (box, paper, and pen). These traditional method shave several drawbacks, among which are inaccuracy in ballot counting and delayed announcement of election results. Meanwhile, students prefer online systems when participating in university events. Therefore, to overcome these drawbacks, this study proposed the design of the mobile voting application prototype for Iraqi Universities to reduce congestion and confusion and motivate all students to participate in university elections. This study employed rapid application development method.

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