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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

A hybrid approach for enhancing data security by Combining encryption and steganography



In this era of fast growing technologies more attention needs to be paid for Security of multimedia data transferred over internet .Now a day’s every one depends on the internet for data, so confidential data needs protection from third party. This can be achieved by using Cryptography, Compression and Steganography, all three together. These methods individually provide part of security so, when they are combined together, multi-level security can be provided. In the existing system, DCT is used for compression purpose which provides lossy compression and block cipher methods are used for encryption of secret data. Although these approaches are relatively secure, but high processing is required, it involves computational overheads and processing speed is less. Hence there are various techniques proposed by authors to provide security of the data, In our proposed system a hybrid approach of Compression, Double-Encryption and Steganography is employed to increase encryption speed, reduce processing time and also provides more security, authentication, authorization, Integration of data and also maintains confidentiality.

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Page(s) : 57 - 61
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Volume 4 : Issue 3
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