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Numerical Simulation of 180˚ Meandering Bend of Barak River near Silchar City (Study the flow structure by using of CFD)



This paper reports the three dimensional numerical simulation of 180˚ meandering bend for Barak river near Silchar city, Assam. The RNG k-ε turbulence model is used to predict the magnitude of velocity in the meandering bend. It explains the flow structure and velocity around the sharp bend that initiates the meandering process. Three dimensional CFD model were used to predict the velocity contour and velocity vectors at various sections at river bends and also at inlet and outlet sections. At the sharp curve of meandering bend at 50˚ to 70˚ the magnitude of velocity is higher in outer bank and helical flow are occurring due to which, year by year the concave bank of the sharp meandering of Barak River is getting eroded at the same time convex bank getting deposited. This also agrees with the resent image of satellite view of Barak River near Silchar town. This study will help the designer to understand the meandering at various angle of river bend to design proper river control structure.

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