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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

The influence of Servant Leadership and Service Climate on Customer Oriented-Organizational Citizenship Behavior (CO-OCB)(Study on first-first-line manager of Tourism Industries in West Java Indonesia)



In service sector with more competitive and challenging issue on society welfare, psychological perspective of service nature becomes more vital. Considering Indonesian tourism has major potential as source of Indonesian welfare, this research aimed to discover service commitment model on first-first-line manager of tourism industries as an indicator for superior service quality which has impact on organizational performance. This service commitment model was developed from Organizational Citizenship Behavior (OCB) concept that focused on customer, called as Customer Oriented-OCB (CO-OCB). In this research, the effect of Servant Leadership and Service Climate was simultaneously and partially examined on CO-OCB of first-first-line manager. This research used explanatory survey method with descriptive and verificative analysis. Based on random sampling techniques, the research was conducted for 119 first-first-line managers of Tourism Service Companies in West Java. The examination of research hypothesis used Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) with component / variance based, that is Partial Least Square (PLS) technique with Smart PLS program. The research showed that Servant Leadership and organizational Service Climate have influences on CO-OCB. Both Servant Leadership & Service Climate have direct significant influences toward CO-OCB. On the other hand, Servant Leadership has a strong significant influence on Service Climate. Therefore, through Service Climate, Servant Leadership has stronger influence toward CO-OCB than directly on CO-OCB. Thus, the Service Climate is a very important aspect, because through this variable, the Servant Leadership could give stronger effect on CO-OCB.

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