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The Exegesis Of The Quran Through The Means Of Al-Isyarah: A Critical Evaluation

Author(s) : RUSHDI RAMLI   


Since the early days of Islam till present day Muslim scholars have given great emphasis on the science of Quranic exegesis [`ilm al-tafsir]. Their enthusiasm and dedication is proven by the great number of authentic works on the subject. What is also evident is the various methods and approaches that were implemented in their quest for understanding the Quran. Among the methods used is what is known as tafsir bi al-isyarah [the interpretation of the Quran through the means al-isyarah]. Although not all Muslim scholars acknowledge the validity of this method of al-isyarah, it had been used by a handful of authoritative scholars in defining the meaning of the Quran. These works are still in existence today. This paper discusses the value and the validity of this mode of interpreting the Quran and the extent of its relevancy nowadays.

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Volume 1 : Issue 3
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