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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Physical And Psychological Violence In High Schools, Teaching Their Treatment



During the last two decades, educational reforms have had to do with programs, texts, achieving objectives, the new high school curriculum, M.SH and teaching models. A hidden issue, but more disturbing recent violence in Albanian schools. It is clear that violence prevails not only in school, but there is a lack of understanding as to the causes underlying this phenomenon, the impact it has on the lives of children and possible ways to tackle this problem, which affects thousands of students in days. Since the bullying day - the day of cases is increasing, so is the duty of all responsible institutions, to investigate this negative phenomenon. Measures to prevent adding professionalism, sound education and the right professional to advise on the youth and adults. Children do not lose their human rights by overcoming the threshold of the school. Thus, for example, education must be provided in a manner that respects the inherent dignity of the child, giving the child the opportunity to express his views freely and to participate in school life. Education should be provided in a manner that respects the strict limits on discipline and promote a culture of against violence in school. The talent is developed skills in the highest degree. This gifted child born should be supported to enable him to be great in science, art, social life, etc.. Should know the nature of the students and enable them cope with life's challenges. The choice of profession and career are two of the most important decisions for human life. Inadvertently and unconsciously through violence we enslave drowned talent and great scientist , famous artist, military strategist , ……………………………… I object to violence because when it appears and do good, the good is only temporary, and when it is evil, evil is eternal!.

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