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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Urbanization and Sustainable Cities: A Case Study of UdonThani City, Thailands



This article focused on the urbanization pattern of a regional city in Thailand. UdonThani city was selected as a case study in this article since the rapid growth rate of the city was higher than other provinces in a decade. The study was conducted by Satellite Images Analysis in order to compare UdonThani Municipality and Suburb areas from 1989–2014. Group discussion was used with representatives from local communities, government sectors, and private sectors. Results found that the urbanization process has been settled based on push and pull factors. Push factors consisted of the expectation of rural people in employment and income. Pull factors consisted of the expanding of the industrial sector, particularly in service and retail sectors, which affected the land-use change n the central business district (CBD) and surrounding communities. In addition, the sustainable urban development plan was suggested by city-related stakeholders. The plan included: 1) equality and justice, 2) zoning management, 3) self-sufficiency of the city, 4) city uniqueness, 5) social sanctions, 6) fair strategic planning, and 7) a citizen council, which led to the public space.

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