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Albania Political Issues. Women`S Minor Role In Decision-Making. Reality And Challenges



Taking into consideration the statistics of the population, compared to the participation of both genders in the political life, it is not new to say that the woman is very little represented and participates just as little. The factors of women absence at the Albanian political level, as well as in all the other countries of the world, are social and historical. History is not part of our influence. In fact it affects us. But factors related to the present, social factors are part of our policy and interest. The Major political movements have arisen whenever political groups have had the courage to articulate the vital need for change. The fulfillment of this need is considered key to the expected improvement and thanks to the spread of the ideas it has taken a wide social extension. Is the woman nowadays facing a situation that requires one or more vital needs for change? You cannot bring or ask changes if the social group is satisfied with its current condition. The undeniable achievements of the last 20 years in Albania should not make us complacent. In fact, the development of Western society regarding gender culture, representation of women in civil and political society, the participation in execution and decision-making, as well as the new demands facing the Albanian society today, make us face up big and challenging questions. Does Albanian society need more women to represent and participate in the government execution and decision-making? Regarding this point of view we can see that the local politics, which in fact, at the beginning of this new century, is only a piece of the worldwide global policy. Ideas are born and designed in development policies as a result of the need for change. But you cannot generate the development policy if you do not recognize the need. These needs come from the research and investigation in everyday life, of simple people, and society’s normality. The investigation implies a broad and opens discussion on these issues, in order to discover and articulate their needs. Which are the vital needs of women changes today? How can we fulfill these needs? Could they be fulfilled with a neutral representation or self-representation of women? Does Albanian society need women? Why? What are the social and political spheres where it is missing

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