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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

A Factor Analysis of Waste Discarding and Separating Behavior of Thai Premiere League Spectators



Solid waste is unavoidably generated by many kinds of human activity (Moeller, 2005). Sport is one of the activities that create scores of waste. The purpose of this study is to examine the significant factors of waste discarding and separating behavior of Thailand Premiere League (TPL) spectators in three selected stadiums (i.e., individual factors (IF), knowledge of waste separation (KS), awareness of impact from waste generation (AG), waste reducing participation (WP) and some categories of waste). In addition, the relationship between factors and behavior is scrutinized. Structural equation modeling (SEM) and Path Analysis are used to analyze the responses of 1,155 spectators at selected study areas using AMOS 20 Software package against the various factors of spectators’ behavior. The results of the analyses reveal the following: 1) A significant positive relationship between waste discarding behavior and age (IF) and some categories of waste generated in the stadium, for instance, plastic bag, food packaging, can and plastic cup, 2) A significant positive relationship between waste separating behavior and AG, KS, glass bottles, 3) A significant negative relationship between waste separation behavior and plastic bag, can and paper. From a theoretical perspective, this study proposes an integrated model of waste discarding and separating behavior of spectators in TPL and offer recommendations to develop waste reducing awareness among sports organizers.

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