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Students’ Perspective: An Investigative Study on the Effectiveness of the Curriculum Delivery for the Libyan Manufacturing Industry



The role of the future engineers and technicians in these technically developed societies is becoming more challenging because of the globalisation of manufacturing industry and engineering practices. In addition, the advancement of technology has greatly influenced the delivery system of technological and, Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) worldwide. The development of curricula has stressed the need for flexibility in structure and modes of delivery of TVET programmes. Our society today faces significant challenges including international competition, the global environment, an increasingly diverse population, and a rapid growth in the population. As a result, the engineering education and TVET colleges for the future should be broad-based engineering programmes for easy mobility, flexibility and adaptability to the new changing technology and environment. Therefore, a more dynamic curriculum delivery for the engineering education is needed. Realizing the importance of producing a highly competence engineers of the future, the Libyan Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) should put a considerable pressure to the universities and TVET institutions to produce engineers and technicians who are competitive in the marketplace. The aim of this paper is to examine to describe the results of a survey which was conducted in Libya (the perceptions of university engineering students to the curriculum delivery). To achieve this goal a questionnaire has been designed, and distributed to students at higher education to explore their views in this regard. Conclusion points out that the delivery of the curriculum is mostly based on traditional classroom fashion and very little has been done to promote new innovative delivery methods.

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