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Comparison of the thermal characterization of Refractory board for concrete consist of flame Retardants and compound material



The concrete structures might reach up to the highest inner temperature 1,400℃ of the structures when there is a fire. At this time, there could be spalling phenomenon as a feature of concrete and fatal damages like falling off in structure stability and durability because of the temperature increase in main reinforced bar. In the research, by using fireproof board containing silicon compound as a base with flame retardants has been tried to verify the possibilities of securing the structural stability, durability, and fire resistance. To make it possible, analysis on thermal feature and the performance of fire resistant were carried out with manufactured specimens which is silicon compounds produced through the changes of weight ratio of 25~40wt% with silicon compounds like ATH, MDH, and MC. As the result, all the specimens were separately verified as to its excellence for fire resistance and the possibility that could make stability, durability, and performance of fire resistance secured as a fireproof board was also verified when they are applied to concrete structures

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