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International Journal of Advances in Bio-Informatics and Bio-Technology

Analysis of antimitotic activities from Phytonutrients



Ayurveda, an ancient form of Indian medicine, speaks of several plant parts that cure different ailments when consumed. Here, we analyze different regularly consumed plant products to study their effect on mitosis. Several extracts were able to suppress mitosis, Areca nut was picked as a known mutagen, and turmeric and mango for their antimitotic activity upon eliminating other plant extracts. Preliminary analysis of a mixture of the mitogenic and antimitotic extracts showed that the antimitotic extracts were able to suppress the mitogenic activity of areca nut, indicating that the activity of areca nut is one of the factors that may be dependent on those targeted by mango and turmeric. Extracts prepared in absolute ethanol showed that the active ingredient is either inactive or absent in the ethanol extract. Two approaches were taken to identify the active ingredient. Firstly, the extracts were tested for the presence of known active ingredients, such as tannins, that are known to have beneficial health effects. Secondly, solutes miscible in aqueous and different organic solvents from the extracts have been tested for their antimitotic activity. The samples will be separated by HPLC, followed by mass spectroscopy to identify the active ingredients. These can be further tested on cell lines as a potential anticancer drug.

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