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Categorized Cache Prefetching Policy in Mobile Environment



In mobile environment cache management is a challenging task; it attracts the interest of many researchers to work on this field. Caching and prefetching techniques improves the performances of the use of cache for mobile devices. One of the important problem is the efficient access to data. A proposed solution to this problem is the prefetching technique because of which user is able to access the data with low access latency and in case of disconnection or limited connectivity also. This paper deals with the study of cache prefetching policy and it's simulation and analysis. In order to do this, here present a client and server algorithm for prefetching scheme in mobile environment. It includes prefetching techniques based on user interest and a cache invalidation scheme which is used for freeing space from non-validate data. It reduces the latency for accessing data by the user and also reduces the number of data item in the client cache. As percentage of cache updation is reduced, performance of the device improved. We are demonstrating the feasibility of the proposed approach with experiments using simulation.

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