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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

SWOT Analysis of Agile Methodologies



The stronghold of the agile approach in the life cycle of the software development is the factor for the tremendous growth of the agile in the recent years.It has grown as an flexible approach with greater requirement volatility which mainly stresses on good collaboration between developers and customers, and it support frequent and early delivery of the product. The idea of agile technology is “new” and research is in the early stage. The paper takes tracks towards exploration of strengths and weaknesses of agile methodology in software’s, based on which SWOT(Strength-Weakness- Opportunities-Threats) analysis is performedNo doubt the technology is adopted with greater enthusiasm by the developers yet the early and widespread adoption is the cause for the examination of its strengths and weaknesses. The analysis by the paper may act as a useful tool for highlighting and addressing the issues in the agile processes.

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