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Today’s Risk Might be Problematic for Tomorrow’s



In E-society IT risk management has become both prudent practice and, in many cases, a legal necessity to protect the organization and its ability to perform their mission, not just its IT assets with respect to the cost. In this paper we will provide information on the selection of cost-effective security controls used to mitigate risk for the better protection of mission-critical information and the IT systems that process, store, and carry this information. The issue is raised to know how much security is enough? We will analyze the term risk as well as the importance of executing proper risk management planning by means of a risk management plan in terms of Risk Management overview, Risk Assessment, Risk Mitigation and Evaluation and Assessment and the factors that will lead to a successful risk management program. We observed that present risk might be problematic for future. We emphasized enhanced ethical and professional roles. Our paper explores the impact on E-society with practical approach of preventing tomorrow’s probable problem by managing today’s risk efficiently.

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