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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

E-Waste Management – Why to go for it?



In today’s world of rapid technological advances, what is the fate of old and discarded electronic equipments is worth a thought. As technology is renewed, a major challenge is the disposition process of obsolete equipment often termed as the “Equipment End life Crisis”. This research paper highlights why e-waste is so harmful and the statistics of waste generation figures. It emphasizes on the role of the global regulatory bodies by seeing the existing regulations in the field of e-waste management. The reason why some of the companies are doing E-waste management? What is the business value to a company doing e-waste management is studied. What is the potential that this sector offers to the recycling companies? It also highlights some of the class action suits around e-waste globally and different processes that organizations can follow to deal with the problem of E-waste. Global reporting standards for E-waste management are also recommended in this paper for the companies. Data for research for this paper was primarily collected from reliable secondary sources. Reports and documents analyzed were all genuine sources and these are clearly mentioned in the references section.

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