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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Token based Load Balancing Strategy in Distributed Systems



Load balancing in a distributed system is the process of redistributing the workload among various nodes so as to improve resource utilization and the mean response time and also to balance the workload among the nodes of the system to avoid the situation in which one node is overloaded while other is sitting idle. A dynamic load balancing approach needs no prior knowledge about the global status of the distributed system and does balancing based on the current status of the system. Most of the techniques involve communication between the nodes to exchange their load information to make load balancing decisions i.e. where the arrived task can be best executed from. But this considerably increases mean response time. This paper presents a token based technique for load balancing in which there is no communication among the nodes and so no exchange of load information messages. Each individual node is configured to make its own decision whether to accept the arriving request or not and once accepted it will be executed from there. No other nodes can now accept this request.

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