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Pattern Generation Form Neuron Image Analysis Through Clustering Techniques



The computation process is aimed to optimise the process to increase the efficiency according to the applications. The operational management techniques are generally used for the process optimization and find the maximum level with minimum efforts. The maximization process is used various process in computing process. The maximization and load balancing approach is cognitive process. Cognitive process is involved in the neuron activation and execution of human behaviour. The combination of neuroscience, Supercomputing and nano technologies is involved in the cognitive computing. But the design architecture involved the computational approach to increase the speed of computing while neurons are communicated one with another at a instance .The activation process based on the selection of neuron which are expected to activate in the instance of time. This work attempted to increase neuron activation process through cluster techniques to identify similar process neuron from the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) analysis. The cluster algorithm and generated frequency along with the obtained results are discussed as part of this paper.

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