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Human support for virtual simulation training



Games are becoming more popular as a tool for training, due to their promise of increased motivation, context-sensitive presentation of information, immediate feedback and increased sense of immersion. This kind of training should provide proper balance between being fun and engaging, and being informative and effective as a training tool. Supplementing proven training methods by computer simulation tools supported by supervision of experts ensures that the training will suit the demands of the organization. Provides achieve a result which is educate appropriate behavior as a reaction to the proper behavior of the system simulation. This approach will provide the correct data, even in very difficult situations for modeling and simulation. This will allow the use of simplifications in the models which have a positive impact on performance. The system of this type can run on standard computers to simulate large-scale operation without the use of supercomputers and the effect will still be sufficient for the needs of the training. This will allow you to change the scale of the district in a big city, with a group of people for many thousands of crowds, from platoon to force consisting of hundreds of officers. This will allow the transition from the level of interventions on large operations while still maintaining all needed details. Cause the training will be complex and cost effective. This paper presents a study of the design and development of a prototype simulator of police operations in crisis situations.

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