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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Remote Water Pollution Monitoring System Using GSM

Author(s) : R. BALAJI, R. GANESAN


Water pollution is one of the key threats for the green globalization. To prevent the water pollution, first we have to detect the pollutant. In earlier days, the water pollution was detected by chemical test or laboratory test by using this system the testing equipment will be in stationary and samples will be given to testing equipment. In order to increase the pervasiveness, testing equipment can be placed in the river water and detection of pollution can be made remotely. This paper proposes a Sensor-Based Water Pollution Detection, which will detect the pollutant present in the water and give an alert massage to the agent. The sensor pH, turbidity and DO will be kept in the river water surface and the data captured by the sensor will be given to PIC Micro controller, and then the data are transmitted wirelessly using Zigbee module. After calculating the inference from the sensed data, In case of inference value above the threshold value automated warning SMS alert will be sent to the agent. As an additional feature this sensors will be auto powered by Wind based piezoelectric material. The uniqueness of our proposed paper is to obtain the water monitoring system with high pervasiveness, high mobility, and low powered.

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