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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Civilian JTF: The Transformational Protest in Borno State

Author(s) : BABA GANA KOLO   


Civilian JTF; the transformational protest in Borno State tried to cover that Nigeria as giant African nation experienced security problems and overcome all and therefore Bokoharam crises is not exceptional. Bokoharam sect is an idealistic fanatical group confirming Marxian position that religion is heart of the heartless sigh of the oppressed creature and opium of the people. Corruption fueled Bokoharam insurgency by influencing already existing marginalized youth created by corrupt governance over the years in the state. The CJTF is a reaction to the unwelcomed boasting and undue projection for illusionist realization of utopia shariah state Shakau. The body must be cautious in the operation to avoid killing of lawful ones. That the CJTF is a dangerous time bomb if not automatically recruited as security agents and monitored. There must be death penalty for corruption. Practice of religion must be purely private and all forms of coercion must be treated as terrorism. Preachers of any religion in Nigeria must have certificate in Sociology to be enlightened on idealism and materialism. All preachers must be check mated by security intelligent and call to order at any point of deviation to constitutional legitimacy.

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Page(s) : 120 - 126
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Volume 1 : Issue 2
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