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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Bids of Households For Improvement In Environmental Sanitation In Selected Lakeshore Communities Surrounding Laguna De Bay

Author(s) : ALLAN A. ULTRA   , CHERRY I. ULTRA   


This paper estimated the bids of households for improvement in environmental sanitation in selected lakeshore communities surrounding Laguna de Bay.The study made use of primary data gathered from sample households through household surveys and focus group discussions. Key informant interviews with garbage collection personnel were also conducted. Majority (85%) of the 577 sample respondents in the four lakeshore communities studied indicated that they were willing to pay for an improvement in environmental sanitation through a solid waste management program. The modal WTP bids in all communities ranged from P61 to P80 from the household survey and P41 to P60 from the FGD. Currently, no garbage collection fee is charged from households in all the sample lakeshore communities. Based on the foregoing results of the study, the following recommendations are suggested: 1) the local government should devise better solid waste management systems in their localities; 2) organizers or other stakeholders concerned with promoting environmentalism should conduct trainings on proper solid waste management program; 3) the LGU’s should collect a user charge from households for waste collection and disposal services to raise funds for the improvement of waste collection and disposal services; 4) the government should allocate more funds for the purchase of new trucks for waste collection and disposal services; 5) the municipal government should use more fitted vehicle for remote areas to prevent dumping of wastes into the lake; 6) further study should be conducted to quantify the cost of abatement measures as a basis for estimating the penalty that would deter households from dumping their wastes into the lake; and 7) the role of the LGUs not only in the collection of wastes but also in waste disposal should be strengthened.

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