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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Quality Assurance in Curriculum and Instruction: The Case of the University of Eastern Philippines

Author(s) : FELISA L. SANICO  


Quality education stems from good management. Good management is not solely confined within the parameters of the managerial task, but also in renewed dimensions in knowledge, techniques, and skills required of educational leaders and administrators. A definitive instructional focus alongside a strengthened curriculum comprises strong attributes for an institution to thrive in rapidly-increasing societal demands and at its best meet local and international standardizations procedures. A comprehensive curricular review vis-à-vis renewed instructional supervision is integral in realizing the long-range plans of the University. Effective supervision entails that the foregoing shall work hand in hand to serve the interest of the respective constituents. Keywords: Quality assurance; curriculum, and instruction.

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Page(s) : 102 - 104
Electronic ISSN : 2374 - 1627
Volume 1 : Issue 2
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