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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

Ecological Footprint Analysis Of Three Small Barangays In Northern Samar

Author(s) : TITO M. CABILI   


Ecological footprint analysis is a technique that estimates the consumption of food, material and energy and measures their corresponding effects on the social and ecological systems. The study designed specifically analyzed and estimated the food and material consumption of families of the three barangays nearby University of Eastern Philippines. Solid waste management as a concept was intertwined in the total analysis as food consumption is inextricably linked with waste production. Observations, interview and the employment of survey questionnaire were made and used to gather essential data. Results of the analysis provided database of the trends in food consumption significant in drawing out priority areas and concerns for future researches and helped identify where conservation, development and policy interventions are needed. Not all food commodities available in the three barangays were locally produced. People consumed more than the resources they produced, and consumed food products of other localities. The big number of family members allowed the consumption of larger quantity of food commodity. The purchasing habit of the families was greatly affected by their monthly income and the distance of their barangay from the source of the food commodity to be purchased.

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