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International Journal of Social Science and Human Behavior Study

The Size and Determinants of Unpaid Work – the Gender Comparison



Examination of unpaid work is inter alia essential for the assessment of gender differences in different countries. The paper compares the various aspects of unpaid work between genders. We can confirm that women spent more time by unpaid work in all countries in the sample. The difference is more often evident in less developed countries. The main aim of the paper is to identify the determinants of unpaid work done by men and women. Using the regression models applied on cross-sectional data, we found that the determinants are different for the two genders. On the one hand the unpaid work done by women is more influenced by the number of children and elderly in the population as well as by the wage level in the labour market. On the other hand, male unpaid work is affected mostly by the number of Internet users and the educational level. The size of paid work is an important determinant for both genders.

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