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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Review on Clinical Decision Support System for Electronic Health Record System for Major Diseases

Author(s) : D. R. PATIL, PUNAM S. PAWAR


Patient is the main source of information to physicians while treating them. Professionals diagnose patients depending on their experience, guidelines. But when they are treating a patient who is having major disease or if the patient is serious due to accident i.e. in emergency situation then proper decision making is essential one which will provide correct diagnosis, medications. And there are more chances to take wrong decision due to less time and less data related to patient. In that case clinical decision support system and electronic health record systems can perform major role for taking appropriate decisions as correct data is available in less time in place.

No fo Author(s) : 2
Page(s) : 13 - 17
Electronic ISSN : 2250 - 3765
Volume 2 : Issue 2
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