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Improving Health System Structure To Overcome Maternal And New-Born Complications In Nigeria: A Case Of Sokoto State



This study attempts to look at health system structure and the complications associated with maternal and new-born health services delivery in Sokoto state, Nigeria. Health system has a potential not just of improving people’s health but also to protect them against the financial costs of illness and to treat them with self-respect. Various relevant sources of information have been reviewed. These sources include various journals of public health, the federal and state governments’ publications on maternal and new-born health assessments among others. The study reveals that (as at 2012), only 4% of public health facilities meet EmOC standards in the state and less than 2% of women nationally deliver by caesarean section, pointing to an unmet need for emergency services both in Nigeria and Sokoto state in particular. Although illiteracy, high fertility, teenage pregnancy, etc directly or indirectly affects maternal and new-born health, the death rate (maternal mortality of 1026/100,000 and <5 mortality rate of 269/1000) (UNICEF) is an indication that much still need to be done in this sector. To abate the situation, international forums on maternal and new-born health need to be readdressed in addition to increasing health facilities and institutional capacity in Sokoto state and Nigeria.

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