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Next Generation VP8 Video codecs for Mobile Multimedia Communications



In this article, we give an overview of several core Technologies involved in the next eneration mobile media communications system from both the media codecs and media transport perspectives. Here we introduce H264 and VP8 video codecs that are suitable for mobile communications, including a low complexity and low bit rate codec for video conferencing and generic scalable video coding. Video codec has been widely used on PC’s with relatively strong capability. However mobile devices, such as Pocket PCs and Handheld PCs still suffer from weak computational power, short battery lifetime and limited display capability and good quality of Video. Regarding this there is very much need of practically low complexity real time video codec for mobile devices. So that here implementing Google VP8 and H264 baseline profile and comparing to get better results for mobile applications. And here several methods that can significantly reduce the computational cost are adopted in these codecs. H264 and VP8 video Codecs are the most widely-accepted video standard in recent years, here analysing performance of the both codec’s and try to improving the quality of image for mobile applications. Both of these video decoders are very much necessary for today’s entertainment and competitive mobile applications world. The explosion of mobile device market has caused an increase in the need for fast and low-power applications like video encoding, decoding, and image manipulation.

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