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International Journal of Structural Analysis & Design

Bond-slip relation in FRP reinforced concrete and its application in moment capacity assesment



The response of FRP (Fiber Reinforced Polymer) reinforced concrete beam has been the topic of intensive previous research, because of the spread of use of modern FRP composite materials in the building industry as concrete reinforcement. The behavior of FRP reinforced member is different from the one reinforced with regular steel reinforcement, mainly because of difference between moduli of elasticity of FRP composite reinforcement bars and steel. Due to this difference, conventional design methods used for years in the field of reinforced concrete structures give poor results if used with FRP reinforced structural members. Results of conventional methods tend to overestimate load carrying capacity and underestimate deformations – both resulting in unsafe predictions. This paper points to formulating easy to use and comprehensible method of predicting moment capacity of FRP reinforced concrete beams subjected to bending loading, utilizing the bond-slip relation of the FRP reinforcement and validation of the proposed method via set of experiments.

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Page(s) : 38 - 42
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Volume 1 : Issue 2
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