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A Mobile Application for Incident Detection and Tracking System



Detecting and tracking an incident is a complex task that requires high communication between involved parties and powerful broadcasting methods. The process of detecting and tracking an incident has been suffering from the lack of identifying the location of incident, type of incident, severity level, number of injuries if there are any. This Incident Detection and Tracking System (IDTS) eases the process of detecting and tracking incidents. It runs on two platforms: web server and mobile phone which eliminates lost or incorrect Incident reporting, increases accuracy of information, and improve user satisfaction. Governmental institutions can run IDTS on their servers to collect data on each incident occurrence. The incident data regarding fires, earthquake damages, accidents, floods, and water leaks come from users' mobile phone. These data can help government in detecting and tracking the location of the incident on the map and also get detailed information about incidents such as the severity level, and number of injuries.

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