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Urban Renewal in Favour of Poor People At Historic Centre of Shiraz City



The total area of Shiraz city is 18622.79 ha of which the central area of Shiraz city is 375.82 ha is being deteriorated. The Deteriorated central areas in Shiraz city is located in historical and cultural texture, so these places are full of historical monuments and it has its own urban heritage and cultural identity but now its historical, economic and cultural identity is in threat of blighting. Renewal our city is the penalty for neglect and irresponsible civic management with negligent urban housekeeping allows obsolescence to spread. It causes sickness, crime delinquency, traffic, death and injury. We not only need to defend our standard of living, we need to achieve it. The necessity for government to give its assistance has been clear and it is evident that private enterprise, unaided, is not able to provide an adequate supply of satisfactory housing to meet the wise variations in the income levels of all the people. Historically, urban renewal of old or inner-city areas of Shiraz city was addressed through urban revitalization initiatives, which focused mainly on housing repair, reconstruction and rehabilitation of infrastructures. In this paper we are discussing, analyzing and criticized on two different urban renewal approaches (“Eradication and Relocating” and " Clearance and Redevelopment”) which have done currently in the central area by the Municipality and the Urban Development & Revitalization Organization of Shiraz city. Finally the best appropriate approach and proposition to renewal and revitalize of central area of Shiraz city will propose which it is based on consideration, analysis and assessment of two current urban renewal initiatives. The general approach and recommendation to tackle urban poverty in the historical centre of Shiraz city is three-pronged that all these three prongs are in favour of poor people. Keywords: Urban renewal, blighted area, Eradication, relocating, clearance, redevelopment, upgrading, Shiraz city.

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