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Influence of bridge pier position according to flow direction on scour reduction



An experimental study was conducted to examine the effect of change the position of bridge pier to reduce the scour. The experiments were carried out with Q=0.058 m3/s he piers were tested under clear-water conditions for duration of 3 hours. The velocity field measurements were obtained using an Acoustic Doppler Velocimeter. The depth of scour in front of the pier was found to have decreased very effective in controlling the down flow at the upstream face of the pier and hence reducing the horseshoe vortex strength. Scour depths were measured along the center axis of the channel. Results show that the change of position of bridge pier, the maximum scour depth of opposite pier reduced 40% as compared with normal pier and it reduced to 54% as compared to a circular. Change the position of bridge pier is an effective countermeasure in the reduction of local scour depth.

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