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International Journal of Civil & Structural Engineering

Robust Optimum Design of Liquid Column Dampers in Seismic Vibration Control



The optimization of liquid column damper (LCD) system considering model parameter uncertainty is usually obtained by minimizing the performance measure obtained by the total probability theory without any consideration to the variation of the performance of LCD system due to parameter uncertainty. However, such a design method does not necessarily correspond to an optimum design in terms of maximum response reduction as well as its minimum dispersion. The present study is focused on robust design optimization (RDO) of liquid column vibration absorber (LCVA) system in seismic vibration control of structure considering uncertain but bounded (UBB) type system parameters. This involves optimization of LCVA parameters allowing uncertainty in the properties of the primary structure as well as ground motion parameters. The RDO is performed by minimizing the weighted sum of the nominal value of the root mean square displacement (rmsd) of the primary structure and its dispersion is minimized. The conventional interval analysis based bounded optimum solution is also obtained to demonstrate the effectiveness of the RDO approach. A numerical study elucidates the effect of parameter uncertainty on the RDO of LCVA parameters by comparing the RDO results with the optimum solution obtained by solving usual interval optimization procedure.

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