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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Icon and User Interface Design for Mobile Banking Applications



Mobile banking has entered the industry as a novel remote method for related activities. Usable and reliable user interfaces for mobile banking application should be designed by implementing user-centered design methodologies. Visual components such as icons would reduce the possible interaction problems. The aim of this study is designing icons and user interfaces for mobile banking applications with the actual users’ participation. The process consists of task analysis, an icon design survey, final icon design, and evaluation, and the installation of the mobile banking application with the icons. Financial experts attended to the task analysis while the icons were designed with the potential users. Another group of participants tested the understandability of the final icons. Three screen layouts were designed with the implementation of icons, and the user interface was completed. It is crucial to encourage clients for the use of mobile banking services by improving the usability of the systems.

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Page(s) : 55 -59
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Volume 4 : Issue 2
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