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Drivers and Challenges for the Practice of Material Efficiency Strategy in the Wire and Cable Industry: A Malaysian Case Perspective



The importance of the wire and cable industry to serve this modern society can be seen through the application of wire and cable in many industrial devices and products. The manufacture of wire and cable is sound as a simple process compared to other types of manufacturing industry, such as the electrical and electronics industry. Nevertheless, the wire and cable industry does generate unnecessary waste during its manufacturing process. Practicing material efficiency is an effective solution to reduce material waste during cable manufacturing. It is for this reason that this study is conducted to investigate the drivers and challenges faced by the wire and cable manufacturer to practice material efficiency strategy. A semi-structured interview was conducted with one of the foremost Malaysian wire and cable companies. The findings demonstrate that the main drivers to motivate the wire and cable manufacturer to practice material efficiency strategy is the economic advantage, followed by market competitiveness concerns, and, finally, compliance with environmental requirements; while the challenges faced are mainly technical issues, such as unskilled workers, poor management and planning. In addition, limitations in technology and restrictions of legislation on the product design are identified as barriers for cable manufacturing. Providing these findings, can be a reference point for other cable companies or other companies to enhance material utilization in order to reduce waste generation.

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