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The Relationship between organisational justice and ethical behaviour: A Conceptual approach



Today many organisations face the hurdles of downsizing or many of them collapsed because of the unethical behavior. Organisational justice describes the perception of people towards the treatment that has been given to them from the organisation in which they are working, and make them realise that either they are getting fair treatment or not. Employees’ perception of the fairness of treatment support to their behavioral reactions to such perception which can also decrease absenteeism and turnover, and increased employee job performance, job satisfaction and motivation. This study proposes to examine the relationship of distributive, procedural, informational and interpersonal justice factors with the ethical behavior of employees in a developing country. Although, many studies have given further insight towards the study of organisational justice which has enhance the scope of study in the past few years, whereas little work has focused on the relationship between justice perceptions and ethical behavior. This is a conceptual study which may contribute to the literature of organisational behavior, organisational development and employee development.

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