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Designing MS Supply Chain Management program using quality function deployment



Course design is an important component in the success of academic programs. The design and execution of the academic programs according to the demand of the industry leads to the success of its graduates in their careers. Current study narrates the process through which academic program for Master of Science in Supply Chain Management (MS-SCM) has been designed by a university in a developing country based on customer demands considering prospective employers as customers. In order to convert customer requirements into the program courses “quality function deployment” (QFD) has been used. The “house of quality” is the tool of QFD that has been used to translate requirements of the prospective employers into the courses to be offered in the program. In order to learn about the voice of customer a small scale survey of the managers from a variety of organizations has been conducted who play a role in the recruitment of new candidates in their respective departments. Based on the demands of the managers, courses with suitable content have been identified that can meet the requirements of the potential employers. This study shows how by using QFD, educational policy makers can customize the academic programs to the requirements of the employers.

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