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International Journal of Advances in Computer Networks and Its Security

The Significant of Character’s Location in the Authentication Process



Presently, the security of information significantly becomes an important issue for all users over the Internet. Since a single password is insufficient to protect attack from attackers as proved by various researchers, various biometrics have been applied as new alternatives for classifying and identifying users. Keystroke dynamics is a behavioral biometrics with individual characteristic pattern of each person. This unique pattern might be the result from typing skill. In addition, a research had proved that the eye vision can be counted as a biometric which can identify an individual person with higher accuracy when combining with keystroke dynamics. Nevertheless, the character’s position on the keyboard has been analyzed in this research that it is a factor of time differences based keystroke dynamics and eye vision mechanisms. Therefore, this research has objective to propose that the vision speed and the location of the typing character should be integrated in the authentication mechanism to gain a better authentication result.

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