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International Journal of Automation Mechatronics & Robotics

Versatile Applied For Agricultural Robot Vehicles



This project is intended at creating a customized robotic vehicle or a platform, which can be useful for a multitude of applications. The proposed robotic vehicle fundamentally makes use of technologies like GPS and ZIGBEE/GSM, in addition to using an on board microcontroller and the drives and motors to race the vehicle. The vehicle can be adjure from a remote location, to certainly go from one point to another in terms of the GPS coordinates. So it is very important for us to advance the standard of our vitality in the future by using embedded system. This robotic vehicle once assemble can be useful for many assorted applications, like autonomous agricultural vehicles, video and audio surveillance, Motion detection in remote locations, for detection of hazardous conditions like nuclear radiations or poisonous gases in remote locations, communication jamming in remote locations etc. In this assignment an agricultural application like seeding or obstacle monitoring will be demonstrated using the robot. The robot can be used for automating various agricultural process and activities like seeding, harvesting, pest control etc.

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