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International Journal of Automation Mechatronics & Robotics

A Systematic Strategy to Find the Natural Frequencies of an Industrial Robot



In order to design a reliable monitoring or control system for any machine, some characteristics of the machine have to be known, such as machine natural frequencies. In this paper, firstly static evaluation of the PUMA 560 robot, which has been used in this research study, when it is powered on, was accomplished. Then, the experimental modal analysis is performed to obtain the natural frequencies of the robot. Experimental modal analysis consist of: exciting the robot by hand held impact hammer, measuring frequency response function (FRF) between the excitation and a point on the robot, and then using software to find the natural frequencies. This analysis was conducted when the robot at four different configurations. Moreover, the explanation of the method and setup used for the experiments, which measurement equipment are used, and how FRFs are calculated will be presented in this paper. Finally, easy to follow strategy have been proposed to be used for modal analysis of different industrial robots.

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Volume 1 : Issue 2
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