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International Journal of Advancements in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Uprating and refurbishment of Hydro Generators (Rotor Uprating)

Author(s) : VINOD THAKUR   


Age has an effect on the working and efficiency of generators in a Hydro Power plant. While we discuss about refurbishment of a Hydro Power Plant, we can plan to refurbish, uprate and modernization of generators. Stator and rotor are the main component which can be refurbished and upgraded in order to increase efficiency. In the case of “Bassi” Hydro Power Plant, we planned to refurbish the all four generators. In this paper we are focusing on rewinding of rotor and results thereof. While planning of refurbishment of a Hydro Power Plant, it can be discussed that generators can be refurbished completely or partly depending upon the condition of the generators. Among these two options time constraint and loss in power production are also taken into consideration. In the case of “Bassi Power Plant” there are four generators. Power plant cannot be stopped for refurbishment so it is decided to refurbish these generators one by one. Again a major issue to decide is whether go for complete replacement of Generators or refurbish them partially. In the case of complete refurbishment of generators a cost worth Rs 420 Crore was required and time taken was estimated to be 36 months. Whereas partial refurbishment by replacing all those parts which had deteriorated badly needs less amount of finance required that is Rs 300 crore and time taken is 24 months. Complete refurbishment was planned since Power Plant is 37 years old. The Power Plant was commissioned in the year of 1970 and it needs to be refurbished for increased installed capacity and to achieve more efficiency. After considering all parameters it was decided that rewinding of stator is more beneficiary.

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