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Construction Waste from Housing Projects – A Field Study



Construction and demolition waste results from the construction, renovation and demolition of manmade structures. The types of materials found in construction and demolition waste include not only the elements used as primary building materials but also various secondary materials such as paints, sealants, adhesives etc. including the packaging materials. The unscientific management of construction and demolition waste such as land fillings may have the ill impact on quality of groundwater due to leaching of rainwater through landfills. The recycle and reuse, which is common practice in management of solid waste, has entered in the field of construction and demolition waste too. It is estimated that the construction industry in India generates about 10-12 million tons of waste annually. The projections for building material requirement of the housing sector indicate a shortage of aggregates to the extent of about 55,000 million cu.m. The recycling and reusing of aggregate material from construction and demolition waste may reduce the demand-supply gap in both these sectors, thus preserving non-renewable resources, is one of the key benefits. In this study, the average quantity of various construction waste for construction of individual residential housing are estimated. A total of 60 houses are surveyed and the owners are interviewed, out of which 22 house owners fulfilled the selection criteria and shown their willingness to cooperate and only those houses are selected for study. It is observed that on an average the total cost of all construction wastes ranges from 5.4% - 7.79% of total cost of construction materials.

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