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International Journal of Advances in Computer Science and Its Applications

Performance analysis of mixed poling schemes with multiple classes of traffic input



Solitary polling technique is not a better choice to get rid of multiple queuing problems for getting enhanced performance against single server. Enhanced and reliable performance upon multi queued traffic can be achieved through the utilization of right selection of joint polling schemes. The complexity of polling design is directly proportional to its performance. Exhaustive polling scheme is outperformed by limited service polling policy but under average load of traffic both contain same mean transfer delay. Several polling methods are the part of literature but the question of their optimal utilization in joint manners against multiple queue buffers is still open. In this paper, we experimentally implement four queues polling model with different arrangements of polling services to conclude the best optimal and joint polling method through analyzing the co-relation between delay and Hurst parameter. We further investigate; which individual performance metric affects the other performance parameters in queuing networks and as a result the overall performance is degraded.

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